3 Best Ways for Improving Online Reputation Management

Insight | May 5, 2020

Today, your brand reputation resides on the screens in the hands of people. Online conversations about your brand define the fate of your business in this internet-savvy world.

Your online reputation affects the credibility and the brand image displayed to your audiences. It shapes your brand narrative and helps them decide if they should do business with you.

If you want to keep growing and attracting good business for your brand, ensure a positive reputation online. Observe and influence what and how people are talking about your brand on various review sites, community forums, and social media sites.

You can further improve your online reputation in the following 3 ways:

1. Maintain Trust through Your Actions

The primary characteristic of a reputed business is achieving your fundamental promise. Concentrate on building long-term relationships with customers by determining their eccentric problems rather than just pursuing that yearly sales objective.

To amplify the positive side of your business, establish strong values and ethics in the first place. And then design every business operation such that it supports those values. This will further shape your brand’s narrative and highlight its purpose in the long-term.

When people notice the consistency between your business promises and your actions, they feel they can depend on you. They find that your brand is capable enough to guide them through their troubles. This empowers your brand reputation in multiple ways.

2. Manage Your Reviews And Ratings

By ‘manage,’ we mean to responsibly accept the true feedback of the customers, learn from it, and provide a possible solution. Be constantly aware of the reviews, comments, and ratings you receive on social media and community websites.

Inculcate a strategy to regularly understand and act on customer feedback. Make it easy for your happy customers to write great things about you. Tell them how much their few words and seconds could mean a world of difference for you. They actually do.

Further, respond to the negative and neutral feedback as much as you can. Reply with kindness and show a readiness to change in your tone. This will help the other viewers to empathize with your cause and give you a second chance. This also shows that you are available to address what your audience wants.

3) Create And Distribute Valuable Content

The best way to build your online reputation is to post valuable content that helps, inspires or entertains. Figure out your brand’s unique personality and share its authentic voice through your content.

Content marketing is helping brands to establish a substantial presence on the Internet. Forms of content which help develop a liking and following for a brand that people adore:

Informative blogs and articles that guide through a solution for a specific problem
Fascinating social media posts that share small bits of distinct information
Videos and info graphics that serve as a step-by-step tutorial or practical advice

Content can fill the gap between dull sales pitches and sneaky product placements. It can keep your audience interested and engaged in what your brand has to offer.

Online reputation management is a continuous and long-term process. It needs time and consistent efforts that illustrate your brand’s narrative in a positive light. The three ways listed above are the best ways to enforce proactive action and a responsible approach for building a robust online reputation.