Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which One Should You Invest In?

Insight | May 5, 2020

Understanding how to market your business can be extremely challenging. Marketing is the bread and butter of any industry. It not only leverages imagination but also originality and creativity. Pragmatically every business endeavors to gain a competitive edge, no matter what the size of the business is. Allocating funds for marketing has become the talk because no one likes dry bread.

However, determining the right marketing strategy can be overwhelming. With the advent of the internet and technology, it has become increasingly challenging to choose an appropriate marketing method.

Most businesses tussle with the idea of the kind of marketing one should finance in. The perplexity not only rests in the budget that allows them to accommodate. But also the imperative factors correlated with them.

Should they stick to conventions and go for traditional marketing methods? Or, just hitch their ride to the bandwagon of digital marketing?

Let’s find out.

Traditional Marketing: How does it stand out?

Traditional marketing entails conventional methods of reaching out to potential audiences in the hope of converting them into loyal customers. Typical examples of traditional marketing include –

  • Broadcast (TV, radio, etc.)
  • Print (newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Telephone (SMS marketing, telemarketing, etc.)
  • Direct Mail (postcards, catalogs, brochures, etc.)
  • Outdoor (billboards, flyers, etc.), others
  • The significant benefit of using the traditional approach to marketing is getting access to a local audience. You can easily impinge on their senses to convince them to buy what you’re selling.
    It also appeals to audiences as they’re able to effortlessly understand what you’re trying to convey.

    Naturally, it costs a lot. Traditional marketing doesn’t come cheap. And this is what makes it a second fiddle to the digit marketing approach.

    Digital Marketing: What makes it special?

    The advent of technology and IT has led to a major overhaul in how marketing has evolved today. Simply put, digital marketing is the new face of marketing. Here’s why it’s a better method to market your business.

  • It’s moderately cheap. Unlike traditional marketing methods, this new-age variant doesn’t demand tons of money.
  • It gives businesses access to wider audiences – both local and international.
  • It gets you real-time results. And several metrics to measure them as well.
  • It keeps you invariably connected to your target audience.
  • It makes the process of brand development more convenient and efficient.
  • It wouldn’t be imprudent to pinpoint how digital marketing overpowers its traditional counterpart.
  • Bottom Line –

    Which marketing approach suits you better?

    Marketing has and will always be indispensable to businesses. It’s the sine-qua-none of growing building and consolidating your presence and identity.

    While both digital and traditional approaches to marketing beget results for your business, choosing one is often a matter of great difficulty. A lot depends on your budget.

    If you’re a large company with a ridiculous budget to spend on marketing, you could needlessly go for both approaches to consolidate your brand. However, if you’re a small or a medium-sized company (especially a startup); digital marketing is a highly recommended way of growing your enterprise.

    It’s far cheaper than traditional methods and gives you access to more extensive markets.