3 Ways AI Can Boost Your Website

Insight | May 5, 2020

You don’t need to be terrified of the machines simply because they turn supervillains in movies. In substance, robots are about to revolutionize the Internet world.

Digital marketing is experiencing the advent of AI or Artificial Intelligence. Wherein technology is automating several monotonous and intricate tasks to help us focus on the creative and strategic part.

It can increase the speed and accuracy of tracking consumer behavior and needs. Machine learning can empower your online marketing with the processing of complex data to improve customer experiences.

AI can help you improve your digital presence and your website in the following 3 ways:

1. Get Advanced Analytics Of Your Customers

AI can facilitate faster data processing of information regarding your target audience, your average consumer, and the daily visitor of your website. You can get a deeper understanding of the motives, interests, and intent of your audiences.

Machine learning can help you learn exactly what matters to them. It can track the patterns between multiple loads of information and extract major insights. These insights can lead to innovative pathways and strategies to connect with consumers in a more refined way.

Knowing what a customer feels at certain stages in the buyer journey will help you create personalized experiences. AI brings accuracy and sophistication to the process of comprehending consumer behavior that can help you market more efficiently.

2. Enhance The User Experience In Real-Time

With the readily available consumer insights, AI can help you improve your website’s user experience. A hike in your website UX can increase your organic traffic and elevate your search engine ranking.

AI has presented multiple opportunities to better engage with your customers. For instance, chatbots and conversational UIs are revolutionizing the world of customer service with their quick response rate. They also evolve with every customer interaction resulting in the smooth resolution of frequent questions and enhanced customer experience.

Voice Search is the next big thing empowered by AI and machine learning. It helps people get answers and solutions just by asking the Voice Assistant on their devices. You can benefit from it by creating web pages that directly answer a common question of your target audience. Optimize your website based on location targeting as most of the voice search triggers local search queries.

3. Strengthen Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is helping businesses to get more and better leads than outbound marketing. And AI can further solidify its effect by connecting consumer needs and trends.

Deep machine learning can uncover judicious trends and topics of content that could go viral. AI has the potential to predict the content needs of your audience’s well-in-advance. You can leverage this to create specialized articles that solve a specific problem to cultivate thought leadership and authenticity on your website.

Through constant analysis of visitor profiles and habits, AI enables content discovery on your website. Your content shows up in the search results of your target audience just when they need it.

AI and automation are working in invisible ways on the Internet. But its prominence is increasing by the day as major businesses are leveraging its various uses on their websites. It’s helping marketers understand and reach their target audience a tad better every day. It’s time if you are still not using AI to improve your website experience.

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