7 Tips To Boost Content Marketing Using Google Adwords Campaigns

Insight | May 5, 2020

Every brand wants to connect with its target audience and do business with them. Marketers are creating strategies to instill a want, a desire or an emotion in them about their product.

But what if these audiences already had these desires and emotions in them? What if they are looking for your brand as well?

This is where Google Adwords makes a difference.

It helps you reach and convert those leads that are ‘searching’ for your product. The keywords in their search term indicate intent and interest in a solution that your brand may help with.

Yet, you need to be tactical enough to grab their attention at the right time and place on the internet.

Here are 7 tips to help you boost your content marketing efforts through Google Adwords campaigns:

1. Identify Your Audience

The key to generating leads that convert and lead to more business is first to know your audience. You can’t reach everyone every time. It’s a waste of time and resources to create as many random leads without targeting.

To get the best out of your content marketing, you need to figure out a basic and specific persona of your target consumer. Find out who they are, what they care about, their preferences, likes, dislikes, motivations, passions, etc. This will also help you know exactly when and where to place your ads.

Once you identify the type of people whose attention you are on to grab, you can make more focused ads. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your PPC ad.

2. Manage Your Keywords

If you know anything about building a brand online, you know how important the word ‘keyword’ is.

For your content to see the light of day ever, it must have the relevant keywords in the right amount and place.

Keywords are simply words that are most commonly searched by your target consumer. So, whenever they search for a product in your niche, your website must pop up.

In Google Adwords, you can have combinations of various keywords that match the intent and understanding of your search audience. You can experiment with certain Match Types that Google has included for customisation. It provides more scope to reach the target consumer with multiple methods.

Research and analyse your audience persona continuously. This will help you determine the right keywords for your campaigns.

3. Have An Engaging Landing Page

All of those people who find your ad and click on it will be directed to your website or a custom landing page. To convert these fresh leads or even to keep them interested in your brand, the landing page has to shine bright.

If it’s not engaging enough or doesn’t follow the promise in your ad itself, those leads will disappear. In this tiny-attention-span economy, your landing page has to convey a key message or a benefit that sticks in their minds precisely and quickly.

A well-optimized landing page that stands out with great copy and design builds authenticity for your brand. And it doubles down on the promise that your PPC ad made in the first place. This cultivates trust and hence more scope for conversion.

4. Create Relevant And ‘Quality’ Ads

The core part of this whole process is creating ads that work. It’s not any different than making a billboard ad. But know the context properly to create a winning ad.

If you have an impressive landing page and the right keywords, half the battle’s won.

The other half is about creating relevant ads that bring the results. The best performing ads on Google are short, simple and succinct. They get a single point across effectively. So, it sticks in the viewer’s mind and creates brand recall.

Another point to remember is that even Google keeps track of your ad. It determines a ‘Quality Score’ based on the effectiveness of your ad, landing page and the expected click-through-rate. It uses the score later to determine the bidding cost. Higher the score, the lower the cost per click/acquisition for you.

5. Evaluate, Optimize And Remarket

To get the most out of Google Adwords campaigns, you need to lather, rinse, repeat. After you have put your PPC ad online with the researched keywords and a good landing page, wait and observe.

After a few hours or days of the ad is live, analyse how it’s performing, who it has reached, who have clicked. Check if your keywords are effective enough or if your location targeting is working.

Retarget those leads who clicked but didn’t buy or ignored the CTA. Understand them, and optimise the keywords, ad and the landing page accordingly. Experiment on different locations, interests, demographics, etc to improve your ad’s relevance and efficiency.

6. Align The Budget With Your Goals

Google Adwords campaigns are one of the most cost-effective paid-media strategies right now. But you need to handle your budget smartly. Neither overstretching nor downplaying your ad-spend. Set a maximum budget you can spend on PPC ads. Keeping that in mind, you can set a bid amount per click for your campaign.

You can go for automatic bidding where Google determines the bid with your given range in comparison to the competition. Or you can get into the driver’s seat through manual bidding. Here, you can put bids on certain keywords and ad groups to avoid spending on underperforming ads.

If you want to ensure that you spend money only to acquire a customer instead of just clicks, go for CPA. Pay only the Cost Per Acquisition when a customer buys from you, thereby validating your ad spend.

7. Stay Aware Of Your Competition

Lastly, your competition determines your success and costs in Google Adwords campaigns, as much as your PPC ads. To be relevant in your niche, you need to know your competition.

Find out what they are doing differently and if it’s working for them, can it work for you? To get the most out of your bidding cost, you’ll have to beat your competition on the SERPs. For that, your PPC ad has to stand out amongst all.

You may claim a distinct keyword in your ad that your competition isn’t using properly. Or you could change the audiences a bit to target those fresh leads that they aren’t paying attention to. Figure out a way to differentiate your campaign subtly or substantially to magnify your content marketing on a larger scale.

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