8 ways to expand your SEO Teams’ Efficiency

Insight | May 5, 2020

The importance of SEO is ubiquitous with Google releasing frequent updates to make search better. Every brand, big and small, is hoping to land on the first page of the SERPs to get maximum leads and customers.

However, what produces favorable results is the towering efficiency of the SEO team. Are you looking for ways to improve your team’s productivity to keep improving your website and digital presence?

Here are 8 ways to help you with that:

1. Tell Them The Plan

SEO is an indispensable part of digital marketing, and so it directly affects your brand marketing endeavors. This creates the need for the SEO team to be aware of your marketing agenda online as well as offline.

If they are to get the best results online, they must have complete knowledge of your annual targets, goals, and objectives.

2. Set Regular Goals

Once they are familiarized with the big picture, help them set realistic daily or weekly goals.

Break the yearly targeted leads to weekly achievable metrics for the SEO team. This way all the SEO efforts stay glued to a specific outcome that creates benefits in the long term as well.

3. Include Them In Strategy Meetings

Whenever you’re devising a new strategy on marketing and branding, including the SEO team, it can be a great idea. This way, they can incorporate the changes that affect the digital side of your business.

Your SEO team can help you demonstrate a consistent brand image on the Internet.

4. Encourage Continuous Learning

To stay at the top of your SEO game, you need to learn invariably. Search engines and digital tools update themselves daily in terms of UX, design, data, codes, etc. Every day, you can find something new popping up in the Internet world.

Inspire your SEO team to learn these new developments through various conferences, webinars, blogs, or online courses.

5. Let Them Do Their Thing

You have established a plan, provided the necessary knowledge, and equipped your SEO team with the right tools. Now sit back and let them do their work. Don’t micro-manage.

Give them a chance to shine their talent and do what they were hired for.

6. Suggest Frequent Collaboration

SEO is closely connected with the design, content, marketing, data, and analytics. Successful SEO is a result of a harmonious collaboration between experts in these domains.

So, propose and bring all the teams together consistently. This also shapes a more inclusive work culture.

7. Make The Hierarchy Flexible

To conduct meetings within multiple functions and levels of your company, the hierarchy must allow it. It must be flexible enough to reassure and promote the formation of interdisciplinary teams. As ultimately, combined efforts empower innovation and growth in a company.

8. Create High Standards And Rewards

Hold your SEO team to the best standards they are capable to accomplish. Communicate clear feedback to assist them in mitigating the gaps. And then match this with earnest rewards to keep them motivated for the next milestone. A unified balance of the two leads to better productivity and solid outcomes.

A dedication to staying updated on the latest discoveries in the Internet world is a special ingredient that leads to amazing results. An efficient SEO team is a mixture of focused teamwork coupled with consistent innovation.

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