Top 6 Online Marketing Analytics Tools For Your Business

Insight | May 5, 2020

Marketing has evolved from even just a decade before. It has transitioned from an ambiguous but quintessential business function to a flexible process enabling measurable growth.

Today, with the boom of big data and AI, marketing is tractable at every stage for the buyer and seller. A marketer can monitor every aspect of the customer journey to provide personalized solutions. This helps in driving the targeted growth and success with sophistication and precision.

The perpetual changes in technology and consumer behavior have led to the emergence of these amazing tools. They can increase your productivity, bring consistency, and drive authentic results for your business. Some of the top online marketing analytics tools are as follows:

1. Ahrefs

An all-rounder analytics tool with multiple uses that stands out among the rest is Ahrefs. It has an extensive set of index data and links, which empowers the user to have a detailed analysis of their competition.

And the major highlight is that it helps in building impressive backlinks.
Specific features that Ahrefs provides to its users:

Site Explorer: This aids in getting a deep dive into your competitors’ website organic traffic, the amount and quality of backlinks, and the keywords they bid for their PPC ads.
Content Explorer: You can know exactly what kind of content is going viral by analysing the quantity of organic traffic, domain rating, and social shares of other websites.
Keywords Explorer: Figure out the right keywords for your SEO-content strategy through deep research on clicks, parent topics, return rate, keyword lists and SERP overview.
Rank Tracker: See how your website ranks on various search engines, your online visibility, and average position amongst the competition.
Site Audit: Conduct an SEO audit of your website to get an overall summary and peculiar suggestions to improve your search ranking continuously.

The above slew of useful features makes it the most cost-effective online analytics tool. It assists in all the major digital marketing activities of link-building, content analysis and search engine optimization.

2. SEMrush

This is a complete keyword analysis and SEO audit tool. It can tell you everything your competition is doing in terms of SEO from keyword strategy to paid ads to viral social media posts.

It updates you on the latest algorithm updates by Google to stay on top of your SEO. It also includes a backlinks tool to chase the best ones and monitor the quality of links.

The stand-out feature is the Keyword Difficulty tool. It lets you know if you should use the keywords that your competition is using, whether it is worth the content-investment on those topics.

You can keep track of your search ranking with detailed analytics that informs the best and worst things about your website SEO. It can forecast the best advertising opportunities for your blog or website through its domain and traffic analysis.

3. Mixpanel

If you want to get a sneak-peek into your audience’s behavior on your website or mobile app, this is it. It facilitates precisely how and why the user interacts on those platforms to gain a profound understanding of your consumer.

You get a detailed breakdown of every aspect of your user experience on an app or website without any use of code. This empowers the non-technical personnel on your team to analyze and examine multiple experiences through A/B testing.

Mixpanel enables you to experiment with various designs on your app and website. This way, you know what engages, converts, and retains a customer on your products. You can use it to test your apps on iOS and Android. Get essential metrics, segment the research, and improve your product experience as your consumer wants it.

4. CrazyEgg

Attention is the currency in the age of the Internet. With a gazillion amount of information available to the average user, the scroll-speeds of the daily visitors are increasing every day. But still, there are some visual spaces and cues on a website that get more clicks and focus than others.

CrazyEgg provides the following excellent features to know where visitors concentrate:

Heat map: Get a picture of exactly where people clicked or interacted on your website. This can help you to place the right buttons and content to convert more visitors into customers.
Scroll map: It tells you until what checkpoints on your website visitors are scrolling and when they bounce back. You can use this data and align the major elements to get more traffic and leads.
Overlay & Confetti: Know the number of clicks on certain elements on your website through an overlay report. Confetti tracks down the sources and keywords that the visitors used to reach you.
Recordings: This feature allows you to monitor virtually how the visitor uses your website in general. It tracks the cursor moments, attention on certain sections, and where they struggle to move further on your website.

This makes it a unique and essential tool for a digital marketer. The visualization abilities it provides can strengthen your audience profile analysis. The specific ‘attention metrics’ can help you improve your website design and experience.

5. Google Analytics

The best free analytics tool to get a glimpse of your online marketing progress for starters is Google Analytics. Even though it may not give you all the information you need, it nails down the essential metrics about your organic web traffic, campaign data, and audience behavior.

Following features make it an important mention in this list:

Gauge if you need to be mobile-friendly or doing it right
Keep a track of the performance of your web pages
Determine the best content and keywords your website needs to publish
Know what your audience is looking for on your website
Get detailed profiling of your audiences based on location and other demographics
Figure out which sections of your website get the most clicks

Although a simple traffic tool, Google Analytics can have a favorable impact on your online marketing. Use it to measure the value and effectiveness of your social media campaigns, online ads, keyword strategy, etc.

6. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics helps in determining the best or loyal customers and potential customers. It comes up with data-based suggestions on how you can increase your lead generation and customer acquisition online.

It provides an evaluation of various data and metrics about your engagement, online marketing campaigns, landing pages, product pages, etc. You can track the customer retention, bounce rates, conversions and sales through the automated interface. Through this, you can further segment your audience profiles and create personalized automation.

Use Kissmetrics to target various kinds of customers on the sales funnel to get the desired results. It can assist you to design customized interactions with your audience with the help of specific and detailed information about their actions.